Scythe Mugen Max CPU Cooler Review


[section_title title=”Installation”]Installation


Installation is quite easy. First you line the backplate up with the corresponding holes on your motherboard then put the thumb screws in from the front and tighten them down.



Once that is done you can put the mounting brackets or frontplate on and screw them into the thumb screws used to secure the backplate.


Now this is where the fun begins! If you do not have a screwdriver that will fit through the top, all the way down to tighten the screw in the below picture you will need to do what I did. You can go ahead and pretty much tighten the screw as much as you can, making sure the cross bar is facing the right direction as it is going to need to go through the cooler and fit into place. Note that even once the screw is screwed all the way in you can still life the cross bar enough to fit the cooler under, thought it is not needed to tighten the screw completely.




If you had to go the same route as I did and attach the crossbar before the cooler make sure you pay attention to which way you put the cooler on as from one side you will be able to have a screwdriver on the outside with no issues but the other side is designed to use the hole in the top and will cause great trouble trying to get at the screw from the outside. Don’t worry to much though as there is also an included wrench that can help tighten the screw if need be.

The photo below is of the side of the cooler that is meant to be tightened by inserting your screwdriver down the hole.


This photo below is of the side that is easy to use a screwdriver on the outside of the cooler.



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