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  • Brand: Thermalright
  • Model: Macho Zero
  • Price: TBD Only available to purchase in Germany

Thermalright was founded in 2001 and has been devoted ever since to the development of professional cooling solutions for PC’s. Thermalright is all about innovation and finding better and more efficient ways to offer PC cooling and in doing so they have had a lot of ‘firsts’ in the industry. To list a few of their firsts, let us look back to their first, which was a full-copper heatsink which allowed for better heat dissipation over the standard aluminium heatsinks of the time. Next we can take a look back to 2004 at the XP120 which featured a 120mm cooling fan on a CPU cooler which allowed overclockers to further push their CPUs at the time. Even when Thermalright is not at the head of innovation they are still trying to innovate the technology, for instance they were not the first company to use heat pipes on a heatsink, however they were one of the first companies to fully utilize the technology which in some ways still plays a part in the design of air coolers to this day.

Today I will be taking a look at something I am very happy to get my hands on, which is the Macho Zero. The Macho Zero is designed for semi-passive cooling and does not come with any included fans. However, there are fan ducts available for it which is where the ‘semi’ part of the passive cooling comes in. The ducts will allow a direct line from the cooler to a fan, normally on the rear of the case, but we will look at that a bit later on. The Macho Zero comes with 6 x heat pipes and a pure copper nickel plated base to help dissipate heat from the CPU as evenly and quick as possible.

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