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Taking a look at the box for the Macho Cooler and it is very simplistic as we have come to expect from Thermalright. The front of the box features the Thermalright logo on the top with the model running across the bottom, smack dab in the middle is a nice outline image of the cooler.

Thermalright Macho Zero 6

On one of the sides it lets us know a little bit about the cooler, including things like the fact no fan is included though fan clips are and that you can purchase a duct separately for better cooling performance.

Thermalright Macho Zero 7

On the other side of the box are the technical specifications of the cooler itself, including things like weight and dimension and all that fun stuff.

Thermalright Macho Zero 8

Inside the box is a separate box with the accessories in it and I would recommend opening this first. Inside you will find some white cotton gloves which will help you from getting finger prints all over the cooler, which is going to happen instantly without them. Also included in the box is all the mounting hardware to make the Macho Zero compatible with most Intel and AMD sockets, some thermal paste and a Thermalright case badge.

Thermalright Macho Zero 14

As mentioned you can get fan ducts for the cooler to allow for better performance. The ducts come in both 120mm and 140mm depending on the size of the can you are going to be using it with. Let me just say the ducts are well worth it but we will go over that more in a bit.

As you can see on the front of the duct boxes they look very similar to that of the Macho Zero, following the same design.

Thermalright Macho Zero 1

On one side of the duct box, you will find an image showing you how to use it and yes it is as simple as it looks.

Thermalright Macho Zero 2

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