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As per normal I am going to start with the packaging for the cooler. Both of the small form factor Cooltek coolers that we have on test come in rather minimalist packaging. The front of the box shows us the Cooltek company logo and slogan as well as pointing out that it is a CPU cooler and highlights the model number, LP53.The only other information found on the outside of the box is the socket that the cooler will fit and the dimensions of the cooler itself. It is worth noting that the cooler will also fit the LGA 1150 socket as well as the 1155 and 1156 sockets. Something that may strike some of you on the dimensions part of the box is the height being 53mm. Whilst this is almost double the height of the ITX30, it is only slightly taller than the Intel stock cooler whilst providing a quieter and much more powerful fan. 
Lets move on to the inside of the packaging. The thing that struck me the most was the lack of mounting hardware for the cooler itself. Cooltek have designed the LP53 exactly the same as the ITX30 in such a way that it only requires four plastic washers along with some screws to secure it to the motherboard. If you think that this is not a lot to hold the cooler onto the motherboard, have no fear, you will see how small the heat sink part of the cooler is shortly.  Opening the box will give you a first  look at the installation guide for the LP53/ITX30. The same guide is also supplied for the ITX30. The installation guide is of a good quality and features full colour instructions in both English and Korean. The pictures in the guide are also helpful as they show some of the issues that you can run into during the installation process, such as the heat pipes fouling the 4 pin CPU power on some motherboards.  Here is a quick look at the individual packaging that Cooltek have put the LP53 cooler in. They have wrapped the whole cooler in quite a thick and hard wearing plastic. The cooler itself is covered by a cardboard sleeve, which in turn holds a plastic protector in place for the contact area with the CPU to ensure that it is in pristine condition for installation. This is exactly the same way that they packaged the ITX30 cooler aswell. 


  1. Great write up, convinced me to pick one up.

    This is the perfect little cooler for my ASRock Phantom Gaming ITX build. I had to remove some of the stock heatsinks (and replace with smaller copper ones of course) but it was a perfect fit. This is the kinda cooler that makes the 155x mounting system on an AM4 socket worthwhile!

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