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Starting off with the front of the box, we can see the Audio Dynamix logo in the top left and in the top right the Model name ‘Fusion’. In the middle of the box on full display is an image of the Fusion itself, with a few of the features listed below.

Audio Dynamix Fusion 1


The top of the box reveals a picture of the top of the Fusion speaker.


Audio Dynamix Fusion 2


On the back we have a nice double image of the Fusion as well as a description of the speaker.


Audio Dynamix Fusion 3



On the bottom of the box are a few of the more technical specifications of the Fusion speaker including Bluetooth Version, output, frequency response and Bluetooth range to name a few.

Audio Dynamix Fusion 4

The outside of the packaging is actually a sleeve that is covering a plain white box on the inside that will house the speaker and all the accessories.

Audio Dynamix Fusion 5


Upon opening the box we are immediately greeted by the Fusion. It has a nice protective bag covering it to make sure it makes it to customers in the best shape possible. Behind the speaker is a space with all the accessories inside.

Audio Dynamix Fusion 6


Included in the box are the Fusion speaker, soft carry puch, USB charging cable, 3.5mm cable and a users guide.

Audio Dynamix Fusion 8

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