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Setup is as easy as one would hope when dealing with a Bluetooth/NFC speaker. To connect via Bluetooth you simply turn the speaker on, turn Bluetooth on on your device, scan for new devices and once found you should see a result for ADX Fusion, this is of course the one you want.

To connect via NFC you simply turn on NFC on your device and touch it against the NFC contact point on the back of the speaker, it should then automatically connect via Bluetooth and you should be off on your way.

Audio Quality 

The audio Quality of the Fusion is very good overall. There is only one small thing I had an issue with, that I will just mention here and get it out of the way. When connected to the speaker but not playing an audio through it but using your device, sometimes when you click on an app or something instead of just the initial beep most phones make these days, the Fusion will also have about around 1-2 seconds of a static noise. Now this is of course not the end of the world and doesn’t happen if you are playing audio through the speakers but it something that did annoy me a bit and just wanted to mention it quickly.

Now that that is out of the way, the overall quality of audio is very nice, the Fusion speaker gets quite loud and even at the loudest of volumes it offers little to no distortion. While the bass from the speaker is not going to be enough to rattle any walls and knock photos down, it is definitely there and is a lot more noticeable than in similar speakers I have previously tested. The volume range is also impeccable allowing users to go from a low, almost non-audible level all the way up to loud enough to fill a couple of rooms with decent sound. The fusion puts out enough sound for a small party, whether indoors or outdoors and can also be quiet enough to use when everyone else in the house is sleeping, the best of both worlds if you ask me.

Battery Life

While the battery life isn’t rated to be the best, it met its rating during my testing. Using the Fusion between 50-75% volume I managed to get a little over 10 hours out of it, which is good. However, for a device of this caliber I would have liked to see a bit bigger battery and bit more playback time. While 10 hours should be more than enough to get users through the day, a bit longer would have done the Fusion a bit more justice in my opinion. The Fusion has a quality look and feel to it and a bit extra batter life would have given it that much more of an advantage over its competitors.


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