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Setup is as easy as one could hope for on such a device. Firstly you just need to plug the mains then decide whether you will be using Bluetooth or NFC to connect to the Evoke.

Connecting via Bluetooth:
Turn the Evoke on and the power LED indicator will turn from red to a flashing blue, while it is flashing blue it is sending out its search signal so on your device you need to enable Bluetooth connectivity and hit the scan/search button. Once your device finds the Evoke it should be listed as Evoke in the Bluetooth devices in-range list. Once connected the LED indicator will turn a solid blue. This is nice as too many times have I had a Bluetooth speaker that shows up as a random bunch of numbers and letters.

Connecting Via NFC:
Again, turn the Evoke on but this time you are going to need to turn on both Bluetooth and NFC on your device. Once you have done this gently tap your device on the NFC tab area of the speaker, when connected the LED indicator will be solid blue.

Audio Quality 

The audio quality of the Evoke is brilliant as one would hope for the price. While this is still for all intents and purpose a wireless speaker it is not designed to be as much of a portable one, especially given the fact it needs to be plugged in. This works out great though and is surely why it allows for the Evoke to give such great sound.

Whether you have the volume down low or up as high as it will go there is no distortion, even when the bass it at full level as well. The Evoke is powerful enough to fill the largest of rooms with rich sound or can be gentle enough to add a bit of light mood music to any setting.  For the size of the device it also offers some great bass but please do not expect to compare it to a 12″+ sub woofer of any sort. When it comes to voices the Evoke produces them crystal clear, even at the higher volumes. The overall sound quality that comes from the Evoke is quite good and in my opinion, should bode well with most users and their preference in music.

I tested the Evoke with a mixture of music from Rap, DNB, Techo, Reggae, Pop and Country from local radio stations. While I may not have been a fan of all the music I was hearing the Evoke did what it was meant to do. Granted most users won’t be switching from a hard hitting Hip-Hop track to a low key Country song on a normal basis but there is a feeling of relief in knowing that if that is what you desire, the Evoke will deliver!


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