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We have put the PNY CL51 through its paces and it is time to find out if it is a worthy buy or not, lets recap..

I am going to touch on the design of the CL51 as that is where I feel it shines the most. The soft rubber coating is a nice touch and the availability of different colours is an added bonus. The thing that really sets this apart from the others in my eyes is the inclusion of the LED display that indicates how much charge is left. This is a nice feature over the previous 4 LED / Vibration I was used to where you have a 25% range to guess the percentage of charge left.

In terms of performance, I was let down not once, but twice. Firstly, the overall efficiency of the CL51 is not what it should be. It took an extra 1710mAh from the CL51 to charge my Note 3 up by 2880mAh, this is absolutely unacceptable if you ask me and needs to be fixed.  It should not take so much extra juice to charge up a device especially when they are making claims that it should charge my phone TWICE! They need to do a bit more market research in the future as the CL51 barely charges my phone once.

Second, I was then let down by the illusion I would be able to charge two devices simultaneously. I’m not going to say it’s impossible but what I will say is it did not work with my two devices, an Iphone 5c and Note 3. This was another let down but on one hand if the Note 3 was plugged into the 2.1a output I can’t imagine there would even be much juice to even charge the iPhone 5c anyways. The biggest let down is that this is one of the bigger marketing techniques in getting people to consider the CL51 at all and it doesn’t work with all devices, something that should be noted on the packaging!

At the end of the day the design is on point but all aspects of performance are an extreme let down and I am highly disappointed with the PNY CL51 PowerPack.

I would like to thank PNY for sending in the CL51 for review and hope to see more from them in the near future.



  • Performance
  • Design


The PNY CL51 has a nice design but lacks in performance. It takes to much power from the CL51 to charge mobile devices, more than I feel is acceptable! If you are looking for a Power Bank to charge mobile devices you may want to give this one a miss for now.

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