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Taking a look at the front of the packaging first and we can see the CL51 PowerPack right in the middle through the included window. Around the packaging we have a bit of information letting us know it has a Li-Polymer battery and can charge 2 devices simultaneously among other things.

PNY CL51 Pack front

 On the back we have a few illustrations of real world scenarios where the Cl51 may come in handy, as well as a diagram of it charging two devices at once and a bit more information on features and warranty in various languages.

PNY CL51 pack back

The contents of the box include a user guide, charging cable and the CL51 itself.

PNY CL51 accessories

The CL51 has a nice soft touch rubber grip all the way around it and comes in a few different colours. On the front we also have an LED indication to let us know how much juice is left without have to guess within a 25% range and we also have our power button that once your device is plugged into the CL51, hit it and you’re off and running.

PNY CL51 device front


The back is fairly plain and just contains some general info that you are likely to find somewhere or another on most electronic devices.

PNY CL51 device back



On what I would call the top we can see the 2x USB inputs, one is rated at 2.1a the other at 1a we can also see our mini-USB input that we would use the included cable to charge the CL51.

PNY CL51 device USB



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