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For my testing I used my Samsung Note 3 as it has the biggest battery of any mobile device I currently have. As I did in my previous Power Bank testing I let my Note 3 discharge to 10% then used the PNY CL51 to charge it up.  The CL51 was let with 10% left when giving my Note 3 a 90% charge and while it charged it up quite quickly I was hoping for better performance results. Let’s go ahead and break the numbers down so it makes sense!

Note 3 Battery Capacity = 3200mAh
90% capacity = 2880mAh (This is how many mAh that the EnerG charged)

PNY CL51 Capacity = 5100mAh
90% Capacity = 4590mAh
10% Capacity =  510mAh

As said the CL51 used a 90% charge of 4590mAh to charge my Note 3 90% which should have only needed 2880mAh. That leaves an astounding 1710mAh that was somehow used unaccounted for. Where did it go? I honestly cannot tell you but it lets me know the CL51 is not very efficient at charging in terms of overall percentage.

I would also like to quickly touch on the so called simultaneous charging. While I have no idea what devices PNY used to make this claim I can assure you it did not work with my devices. I used my Note 3 and my wifes iPhone 5c and it would not charge up both at the same time, it would just turn itself off after about 2 seconds of hitting the power button.


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