[section_title title=”ASUS ROG Spatha RGB Lighting”]

ASUS ROG Spatha RGB Lighting

On the lighting section, there are many customisable options as well as full RGB settings which allows you to either sync the 3 main sections of the Spatha’s LEDs together (scroll wheel, thumb buttons and logo), or of course change each of them individually for some crazy and unique combinations. The effects presents currently are static, colour cycling, trigger, breathing, random and battery mode.

ASUS ROG Armoury 3

ASUS ROG Armoury 4

Below are a couple of images with a few customised lighting settings I ran personally to give you an idea of how the ASUS ROG Spatha can be customised in terms of lighting.

Here we have red; something all ASUS ROG fans should and can appreciate!

ASUS ROG Spatha Review Lighting 1

Not a fan of red? How about a lovely yellow, although it did come out a little “greeny” and this wasn’t just in the image; it was in the flesh too.

ASUS ROG Spatha Review Lighting 2

Still not impressed? How about a lovely blue which seems to be another popular colour choice…

ASUS ROG Spatha Review Lighting 3

I know, how about a combination of green, purple and red? Yes, that’s it! As previously mentioned, you can sync a colour across all 3 LED lighting sections on the Spatha, or like here, you can assign different colours to each of the different zones to give the Spatha your own custom creative flair!

ASUS ROG Spatha Review Lighting 4

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