ASUS Strix Claw Gaming Mouse Review


[section_title title=”Packaging”]Packaging

Let’s start off the review with a look at the packaging.


The front of the box feels very much in the same vein as the box we saw on the tactic pro with the all black background being permeated by orange and white lettering. In pride of place we have a large picture of the mouse with a headline feature run-down on the left-hand side.


The inside flap of the box talks about the sensor and other performance related features. Nothing makes me happier than seeing ASUS making a fuss about using an optical sensor in a performance mouse.


The side of the box features the same feature list, so it’s purpose isn’t entirely clear to me.


The other side of the box gives us some information about the origins of the Strix name and also a package contents list.


The rear of the box sports a labelled diagram of the mouse and also a specifications list.


Sliding out the contents of the box you an see we have the mouse nicely protected in a plastic mould and we also have a driver cd, a quick start guide and as ever ASUS’ amusingly thick warranty notice in many languages. Next up we take a closer look at the mouse itself.



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