ASUS Strix Claw Gaming Mouse Review


[section_title title=”Strix Glide Speed”]Strix Glide Speed Mouse Mat

In addition to the mouse, ASUS were also nice enough to send me a Strix Glide Speed mouse mat to take a look at.

strixclaw13 strixclaw14 strixclaw15

As you can see the box is all nicely presented and definitely feels like a product that goes hand in hand with the mouse.


Here is the mouse mat itself, as you can see it is certainly rather vibrant! Whilst the design might be a bit Marmite it is a nice quality bit of kit, with embroidered fray resistant edges and it is a reasonable size for those who don’t like a full on desk mat.

The Strix Glide Speed version we have uses a fine weave cloth for low resistance fast paced gameplay but ASUS also have the Strix Glide Control which has a more coarse weave to give that bit more resistance to those who prefer it. My impressions of the Strix Glide is that if you are partial to the design (which I feel is going to be a big if for most) it should prove a good companion to the Strix Claw and should bring some colour to the desks of those who can integrate it into their setup nicely.

After the break we’ll take a look at the software that accompanies the mouse.



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