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Manufacturer: ASUS
Model: Tactic Pro 
Price: £100 @ OCUK (at time of review)

Since opening its doors in 1989, the Taiwanese technology manufacturer ASUS has gone from strength to strength. From humble beginnings as a simple motherboard manufacturer they, like other Taiwan giants, have evolved to meet the demands of the ever growing IT industry.

We all know and recognise ASUS’ ROG sub brand which is their high end gaming/enthusiast offering but recently ASUS unveiled a new brand, Strix. ASUS describe Strix as being targeted at the “performance-to-premium segment” and maintain that ROG will still be top dog when it comes to all out performance. This is good news for gamers though because it should help bring some of that ROG grade performance down to a more palatable price point where perhaps performance will take priority over bells and whistles.

My first introduction to the Strix brand, and the topic of today’s review is the Strix Tactic Pro gaming keyboard. The Tactic Pro features a nutty thirteen dedicated macro keys as well as the ability to re-purpose a further eight of the function keys for macro functionality which should no doubt keep the MMO crowd happy. As well as the extensive macro functionality we also have full LED backlighting, media keys and driver free profile retention for nomadic gamers; let’s see if the new Strix product can earn its place in the ASUS lineage.

More about ASUS: 

ASUS takes its name from Pegasus, the winged horse in Greek mythology that symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. ASUS embodies the strength, purity, and adventurous spirit of this fantastic creature, and soars to new heights with each new product it creates.

Taiwan’s Information Technology industry has grown enormously over the last few decades and the country is now a dominant force in the global market. ASUS has long been at the forefront of this growth and while the company started life as a humble motherboard manufacturer with just a handful of employees, it is now the leading technology company in Taiwan with over 12,500 employees worldwide. ASUS makes products in almost every area of Information Technology too, including PC components, peripherals, notebooks, tablets, servers and smartphones.


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