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Let’s take a look around the software package that comes with the Tactic Pro.


As you can see the software is a bit basic, but then again its software for a keyboard; does it really need anything more than we have here? As you can see we have control over all the macro keys and of course you can create multiple profiles for different games/applications.


These are the options you get when you go to reprogramĀ a key, which as you can see are pretty comprehensive.


Here is the macro management screen, its all pretty self-explanatory which is nice as obviously potential buyers will be using it a lot!

At first the software had me thinking “I must be missing a secret advanced button or something” but really when you actually look all that you need is there but without all the bloat that some other manufacturers are so fond of including. Simple and relatively nice to look at, the Tactic Pro’s software gets a thumbs up from me.

Next up I’ll talk you through my general impressions of the keyboard.


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