Hailing from Poland, Genesis offer a range of keyboards, mice, headsets, microphones… the list goes on. Today’s review sees a second item from Genesis on the table and it’s the Xenon 770 Hybrid MMO & FPS mouse. This lightweight hybrid is a do it all for FPS and MMO gamers. Let’s see if it’s worthy of your consideration…

Genesis Xenon 770: Specifications & Features

Maximum resolution 10200 DPI
Programmable buttons Yes
Illumination colour RGB
Sensor model Pixart PAW3327
Resolution 10200 DPI
Sampling frequency 1 000 Hz
Specialized For Gamers
Maximum frame rate 8000 FPS
Maximum tracking speed 220 inch/s
Glide type Teflon
Weight 110 g
Acceleration 30 G
Number of programmable buttons 14
Colour Black
Number of buttons 14
Resolution 200 – 10200 DPI
Sensor Optical
Communication Wired
Illumination Yes
Cable length 180 cm
Connectors USB Type-A
Supported Operating Systems Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Linux, Android 4.2.2
Height 39 mm
Width 69 mm
Length 128 mm
EAN 5901969420500
Catalogue number NMG-1473

Genesis Xenon 770: Closer Look

Arriving in the Genesis black and red box. The front gives us a closeup of the Xenon 770 and promotes the “Hybrid MMO&FPS Mouse” as well as the fact is has RGB with their Prismo effect and a 10200DPI optical sensor.

The rear gives us a close up of the swappable button panels and side grips as well as many other features. We also get a brief description of the mouse in a variety of languages and finally a product specification in the bottom right corner.

You’ll find a Quick Install Guide and a replacement set of Teflon covered pads for future use inside the box.

Opening up the box and pulling out the insert to find the mouse and plates held in place with a small amount of plastic in the card frame. Promoting the non-use of plastics here at Play3r we’re happy to see minimal plastic used but would prefer to see a moulded cardboard box inside instead. #zeroplastic

Taking a top-down look at the mouse we notice the slight right-hand bias, with an ergonomic shape and slope to reduce strain while in use. Looking down from the rubber tyre covered scroll wheel we can see two DPI buttons in a triangle shape. Pleasing to announce that they are well recessed and protrude about 1mm from the rest of the housing so shouldn’t be pressed accidentally. Towards the bottom, the Genesis logo can be seen which is opaque with the RGB LED bar just noticeable at the very bottom. The shell is made from fairly hard and smooth plastic and the finger grip is decent with minimal slip.

From the front, the mouse has the distinct sloped shape with the mouse buttons merging into the shell. The scroll wheel has a fairly decent patterned tyre on it, which glides very smoothly.

The cable is a black braided wire attaching in the centre.

The connector is a USB type A connector with gold coating however that doesn’t really make any difference to USB performance, this should do just fine. No branding to be seen here.

Viewing from the right-hand side and we are greeted with the first of the hybrid plates. The two provide a smooth edge or a ridged edge which I found gave the ring finger somewhere to rest above the little finger. Whilst finding both comfortable my personal preference went to the ridged plate. Both plates feature the same smooth plastic as the top of the mouse and house magnets which easily stick the plates into place at home in the mouse housing.

The left-hand side greets us with 2 plate offerings once again. The attached plate is a 3 buttoned plate which is targeted at FPS game use and the second is a 9 button plate which is targeted at MMO game use. Each button can be pre-programmed and macro’d to your heart’s desire, more on that later. Again these removable plates have the same smooth plastic as the top of the mouse and house magnets which easily stick the plates into place at home in the mouse housing.

Now the Xenon 770 has been plugged in the glow from the mouse wheel, logo and the Prisma effect RGB strip along the bottom of the mouse all light up. The mouse wheel and logo turn and hold a particular colour which indicated the DPI setting it is set to. These also have a breathing effect. The LED bar along the bottom can be programmed to a variety of light effects tuned in software.

Genesis Xenon 770: Software

Installing the aptly named “Xenon 770” version 1.0.5 and opening it to find a generally clear and concise piece of software. The left side is dedicated to programming what each individual button does. A macro button at the bottom and a profile selector box. The + icon allows a profile to be given a name, the trash can allows deletion of said profile and the “…” gives you the option to import, export or rename said profile.
The right-hand side gives the DPI setting options with up to 6 settings and colours available. These can be enabled or disabled by ticking or unticking the arrows next to them. Overall, very straightforward.

Lighting options are next with a whole selection from Prismo, steady, breathing, colourful tail, neon, colourful steady, flicker, stars twinkle, wave and LED off.

Mouse parameters are the next offering with mouse sensitivity, scrolling speed and double-click speed settings configurable.

Polling rate gets its own menu with options from 125, 250, 500 and 1000Hz to choose from.

Finally, no good mouse software wouldn’t include a macro editor so it’s good to see the Xenon 770 software includes one. You start on the right-hand side of the menu choosing options and events. Move left to name the macro then adding the key list as required finally clicking “Stop recording” to complete. Very simple and straightforward if I do say so myself.

Genesis Xenon 770 Hybrid MMO&FPS Gaming Mouse Review: The Verdict

Having spent some time with the Genesis Xenon 770, the overall construction seems to be good quality even with a somewhat smooth shell. The size is typical with other offerings and fits in the hand well and the lightweight (110g) nature of the build does make you think more about rapid movements. It’s certainly not a lightweight ‘speed mouse’ like the Glorious Model-O we reviewed recently but it’s light enough for fast gameplay movements. The sensor is accurate and the main features perform well as does the ease of changing and more importantly actually using the Hybrid panels on either the left or right side.

What’s hot:

  • Being a hybrid opens up more game titles for the Xenon 770
  • Excellent Sensor
  • The software package is simple but works well

What’s not:

  • Mouse wheel and logo illumination doesn’t match the lightbar

At the time of writing the Genesis Xenon 770 isn’t available in the UK, but we’ve been informed that the MSRP is going to be around £36. Now, when available this will be updated with links, at £36 the Xenon 770 is shockingly good value for money.
It outclasses most other MMO mice at a similar price point because of the FPS heritage Genesis have provided it with, like a decent Pixart sensor (Pixart PAW3327) and high-quality Huano switches to quickly name a couple.
It is well built and has a simple but effective software aptly named Xenon 770.
Ergonomically the mouse is pretty well designed for right-handed users, we especially like the right-hand side plates where the groove for the ring finger can sit comfortably and the ability to swap between the magnetic FPS and MMO plates is simple and effective.






Thanks to Genesis for sending a sample of the Xenon 770 Hybrid MMO&FPS Gaming Mouse in for review.

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genesis-xenon-770-hybrid-mmo-fps-mouse-reviewThe Xenon 770 outclasses most other MMO mice at a similar price point because of the FPS heritage Genesis have provided it with, like a decent Pixart sensor and high-quality Huano switches to quickly name a couple.

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