CM Storm QuickFire XTi Mechanical Keyboard Review 1

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  • Manufacturer: CM Storm
  • Model: QuickFire XTi
  • Price: ¬£139.99 (At the time of review)

“Mechanical”, a word you often hear when you start talking about keyboards. In the past 5 years or so, mechanical keyboards¬†have becoming increasing popular due to many advantageous attributes, including performance, durability and customisability.

CM Storm are a big contender in the market of mechanical keyboards and I have had the privilege of reviewing many of their keyboards, most of which have been pretty decent. They first started off producing heavily branded keyboards, which had a strong gamer and industrial design. After much feedback from their community they took a step back from their aggressive branding and started to produce much sleeker, more elegant keyboards, simple in design, but still feature rich and impressive contenders in the gaming arena.

Today I am going to be taking a look at their latest full sized keyboard, the QuickFire XTi. The XTi is the updated version of the QuickFire XT, featuring full dual colour LED backlighting, with recordable macros and a slightly updated design. The full specs can be seen below:


Model Number SGK-4060-KKCL1 (Blue switch)
SGK-4060-KKCM1 (Brown switch)
SGK-4060-KKCR1 (Red switch)
Key Switch Type CHERRY MX Blue/ Brown/ Red
Availability may vary by region
Key Rollover NKRO (Windows only)
Keycaps ABS, grip coated, removable
Polling Rate 1000 Hz/1ms
Backlight Full backlit, 35 colors, 5 settings
Windows Key Lock Yes
Media Keys Yes (via F keys)
Interface Micro USB 2.0, full speed
USB cable 1.8m braided, gold plated and removable
Dimensions 43.9(L) *13(W) *4.1(H) cm
17.28(L) *5.12(W) *1.61(H) inch
Weight 1114 g / 2.46 lbs


Let’s take a closer look

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