GAMDIAS Hades Laser Extension Gaming Mouse Review


[section_title title=”Software”]Software

Now its time to take a look at the software for the Mouse, HERA. It has two modes, basic and advanced which we will look at separately.

Basic Mode

software 1.5

Starting off we have the mouse function screen, here we can adjust a lot of settings such as dpi levels, polling rate and the colour and intensity the mouse wheel glows with to indicate which profile you are in; thanks to a generous 256k on board memory the mouse will have no trouble remembering settings when unplugged either! On the left hand side we have the list which shows you the options you can reprogram the buttons to, plenty to be getting on with there!

software 2

Next up is the macro management screen, which as you can see has loads of options for getting your macros just right.

software 3

Next up we have my favourite feature of the software by far, some stat tracking about button presses and distance swiped/scrolled. Whilst this is more of a novelty than anything, I still really like it and it could also serve the practical purpose of showing you how close you are to the 10 million clicks the keys are rated at.

Advanced Mode

software 4

Moving on to the advanced mode and we can see a standalone key assignment panel, allowing you to assign sounds and timers as well as functions to the mouse buttons.

software 5

Following the same theme we also have a slightly more advanced macro management screen too.

software 6

Next up is the mouse control screen, with the additions here being adjustments for lift off height and straight path correction. The lift off is a nice adjustment to have, but as ever I prefer it as low as possible. The straight path correction (aka snapping) is a mystifying option though, I can’t think of any reason to intentionally enable snapping on a gaming mouse but hey, its there.

software 7

We also have a whole section dedicated to the colour of the mouse wheel, with full RGB control to get just the shade you fancy.

software 8

Here we have another tab for adjusting keys/timers for the reprogrammable buttons.

software 9

Here is a tab that lets you record the messages that the timer tab plays.

software 10

Here we have another tab about the timers, it looks like this would be great for MOBA players to time camps etc.

That’s about it for the software, the muscle memory tab is the same as on the basic mode and I can’t seem to access the Olympics tab for whatever reason. All in all I’d say this is a great software package, the overlap between basic/advanced is a bit muddled in places but on the whole there are loads of options to tweak and some great features! On the next page I’ll give you a good run down of the all important performance.



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