GAMDIAS Hades Laser Extension Gaming Mouse Review


[section_title title=”Conclusion”]Conclusion

So, there have been ups and downs with my testing, lets recap and make a verdict.

Starting off with aesthetics, on the whole I think the hades is a reasonably good looking mouse, my only complaints really would be that I would prefer the side panels to look a bit more ‘integrated’ to the main body of the mouse and also that I wish the logo on the rear of the mouse changed colour with the scroll wheel rather than always being a yellowy orange.

In terms of physical design I think that given the inherent compromise of making an ambidextrous mouse, the hades is fairly good from an ergonomics point of view and only lets on its ambidextrous side through the identical side panels proving a bit bothersome for my little finger. Again I have to say that I’m not overly fond of the compromise of having two difficult to reach thumb buttons regardless of which hand you use.

Performance wise I can’t take anything away from the hades, the tracking from the 8200 DPI laser sensor is smooth and its performance in games was perfectly up to standard for a mouse in this price range. I will say the mouse is a bit heavy though, but this is by deliberate design and it is well balanced so its going to be for you to decide whether you prefer a more beefy mouse or not.

Closing up with the value side of things and this is where I feel it is a tricky verdict to make. At £45 lefties could grab themselves a well sorted dedicated leftie mouse like the Razer Deathadder Left Handed, and right handed people (as ever) have a wealth of options without the compromises seen here. I think the main problem the hades has is that it could use with being a bit cheaper to really have a place in the market, but if it was any cheaper it would not have a reason for existence as the Hades optical sits at £35. Therein lays the problem for me, the hades just doesn’t seem to ‘fit’ where its been positioned in the market.

All in all the Hades is really not a bad mouse at all, my point in all this is that it is stuck between a rock (its cheaper optical brother of the same configuration) and a hard place (proper lefty mice) which leaves it feeling like a bit of a confused product in my books. Nonetheless, thanks to its nice software and good sensor performance I’m still happy to award the GAMDIAS Hades Laser Extension gaming mouse a Silver award.



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  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Customisable ergonomics
– Great software
– Good tracking performance


– A bit too expensive
– Needs DPI +/- Switches (instead of toggle)
– General identity crisis

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