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Lets begin as ever with a look at the packaging.

package front

As you can see the front/top of the box is very clean and simple, with just a picture of the mouse in the middle and the Mionix logo and name below which are accompanied by our model name.

package rear

Moving on to the back of the box we can see there is a bit more information on offer here with a full labelled diagram of the mouse with explanations of the default button bindings.

package inside

Sliding the sleeve off the box we immediately get a good look at the mouse itself encased in a plastic mold.

package accs

Finally, inside the box we have a Mionix sticker and a quick start/user manual. As you can see there really isn’t much to show for the packaging as it’s very simple and although it may be simple it all feels very nice quality and as most of you will know by now I always appreciate packaging that is easy to open.

Well the packaging is clean and simple, head over to the next page and we’ll see if the mouse follows the same trend.


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