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Right, lets take a look at the software provided with the Naos.

software 1

The first tab of the software is called mouse settings and as you can see it has a variety of options including button reprogramming, setting the poll rate and control over some windows settings on the right hand side.

software 2

The second tab is the sensor performance tab which, as you would expect, has options for control over many sensor settings such as lift off distance, dpi steps and pointer speed. There are also two less common features which are pretty cool, the first one is the angle tuning option which means you could set the mouse to register zero rotation if you rest your wrist at an angle and there is also the surface quality analyzer tool, or S.Q.A.T (an unfortunate acronym) which scans the surface the mouse is on and rates it from 1 to 100% recognition; as you can see it doesn’t like my Razer Goliathus Alpha very much!

software 3

Next up is the colour management tab which as you can see has a load of options to get the lighting just how you like it, you can choose different glow effects, choose if you only want one zone to glow and there is also full RGB colour customisation so you can get just the right shade which is very cool.

software 4

We also have a macro management screen which is a bit basic but will serve the needs of most I should imagine.

software 5

Finally we have a support tab where you can view FAQs, register your product and download software/firmware updates etc.

On the whole I’d say the Naos’ software is a good offering, it may not be the most attractive package but it is cleanly laid out and has plenty of options, the colour management screen is a particular highlight in my opinion.


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