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As usual for mice, I will split the performance side of things into the three sections which I feel deserve equal and thorough mention.


In terms of ergonomic design the Naos is a right handed palm grip mouse with two thumb buttons which all sounds fairly standard. However, the finger rest design on the right hand side is something a bit different and at first I was unsure if I would like it or not.

Well I certainly had nothing to fear, the Naos is without a doubt the most comfortable mouse I have ever used.

As someone with large hands one of my major bugbears with palm grip mice is when they seem to deny the existence of your third and fourth fingers and leave them consigned to dragging across the mouse mat, the sensation of which takes you out the game a bit I find. The finger rest on the Naos is a great remedy to this, the ridge between your two spare fingers makes it feel like the mouse slots right in the hand and this is supremely comfortable.

The positioning of the thumb buttons is also spot on and their generous size makes them very easy to press. The only complaint I have ergonomically is the positioning of the DPI buttons makes them impossible to press without mouse control suffering, I would prefer to see them towards the front of the left mouse button like on a Logitech mouse.


The buttons were yet another high point for me, the mouse buttons are both nice responsive OMRON switches which although nice is expected at this point. What was a really good surprise though is that even the thumb buttons and the DPI switches have a proper clicky tactile response to them. I really love this about the mouse, itĀ feels like a real touch of quality where other mice simply settle with normal switches for ancillary buttons.


Featuring the same Avago 3310 optical sensor that helped the sublime Zowie FK1 win its Platinum award it comes as no surprise that the Naos was faultless in my game testing. Like the FK1 I found the sensor to be magnificent in CS:GO, with the complete lack of hardware acceleration making the mouse feel like a real 1:1 input with buttery smooth response.

Overall I really cannot fault the performance of the Naos, it is simply superb and if you use a palm grip you will not find a better performing mouse at this price point; I only wish that the Mionix engineers were not bullied by the marketing department into artificially increasing the DPI of the 3310 as the sensor deserves better than that.

Right then, lets move on and wrap up with a conclusion.


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