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Lets take a closer look at the Naos.


Starting with a three quarter shot of the front we get an overall idea of the shape of the mouse, it is a conventional palm grip in the sense that the palm rest is rounded and high but as you can see the finger rest on the right hand side of the mouse is a bit less routine with a big fat rest for both fingers.

You can also see the finish is a matte black and the coating is a soft touch plastic style one which feels just like a Bitfenix case; I would have never though of using it on a mouse but it feels brilliant. We also have a good view of the scroll wheel (which has translucent sides to facilitate the RGB glow) and also the DPI up/down buttons.

closer top

Taking a look from the top down the most noticeable thing we have is the etched Mionix logo, this lights up along with the scroll wheel. We also have another angle on the sculpted finger rest and a general profile of the shape of the mouse.

closer left

Here we have the left hand side of the mouse which is a simple flowing shape with the slightly rubberised soft touch coating. The main point of interest here is the well sized set of thumb buttons, often thumb buttons are too small for my liking but these are the perfect size.

closer bottom

The bottom of the mouse is fairly simple, we have our sensor in the middle of the Mionix logo and around the outside we have the contact feet.

closer usb

Finally we have the USB connector which is gold plated and features a slightly non standard housing. We can also see the braided cable which is of a high quality and certainly finishes off the look of the mouse.

In my opinion this is a very good looking mouse and the ergonomic design certainly looks promising for comfort, but before we talk about that lets take a look at the software on the next page.


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