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MSI have designed their packing to fit in with their gaming range of products. MSI have used similar styling across their MPower motherboards and even on some graphics cards. From a first glance, the front of the box is relatively simple, with just a small section of a keyboard showing, a label with the switch type on and the model name. The whole flap opens up to reveal a graphic of the full keyboard and various features.

The back of the box is pretty standard in terms of keyboard packaging, a brief run down of the various features and different language variations.

I’m actually surprised that mechanical keyboards don’t have this nice touch to the packaging – a small cut out where you can actually press the keys and feel what the switches are like – something I think should be more prevalent in keyboard packaging.

The contents of the box is also kept dead simple; keyboard, driver CD, additional key caps & puller and a quick start guide.

Now let’s take a closer look at the keyboard.

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