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I’ve had the GK601 for roughly a week now, which has given me plenty of time to fully assess the performance in both gaming and for general use. Setting up the keyboard was a breeze, it was almost plug and play – and by almost, I mean it worked straight off the bat, but if I wanted to make full use of the macros etc, I would have to install the drivers. This particular model was ANSI layout, which was slightly awkward bearing in mind I primarily use ISO layouts (being based in the UK), so it took a little while longer to fully get used the the keyboard. It also features Cherry MX reds, which whilsst they are not my preferred switch, I still find them good for gaming – although this is purely subjective, and will not be subject to criticism.


For the performance testing I threw several games at the keyboard, include the games Battlefield 4, Company of Heroes 2 and SW:TOR, and for all of these genres, the keyboard performed admireably, although I didn’t doubt the performance as I wouldn’t expect anything less from a mechanical keyboard. The positioning of the keys are standard so I didn’t have any issues getting used to different layout. The software came in handy for binding some macros for keys like , and ., which came in handy for some RTS and RPG games. NKRO wise, I ran the usual tests and couldn’t fault the claim that it has NKRO.


This area of testing took slightly longer than usual due to the different layout, however I couldn’t really say that it was any different from the top end keyboards I’ve used before. The lighting aided night typing and the media keys came in handy when listening to music, although I much prefer dedicated media keys. The keyboard was generally quite comfortable to type on, especially with the low force switches and very light key caps.

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