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The GK601 is a black keyboard with subtle highlights of yellow, which match the gaming / highend theme MSI have been using recently. This particular model is the 104 ANSI US layout, although it uses a non-standard bottom row, where the windows key is only 1×1, a larger spacebar, a smaller right windows key (which has actually been replaced) and a narrower menu key.

This particular model uses genuine Cherry MX red switches as they tend to be the flavour favoured by most gamers due to their light, linear movement. The keyboard is fully backlit with yellow LEDs.

Rather oddly, MSI have chosen to replace the right windows key with the MSI dragon / function key, instead of the menu key. The MSI key acts as the function key, for controlling any keys that have dual uses.

On the top right edge, there is a 3.5mm speaker and mic jack, where you can connect your headset – to save you having to reach around the back of your PC each time you want to change from headset to speakers (and vice versa). There are also two USB 2.0 ports, although these are unpowered.

There bottom side of the keyboard is incredibly simple, with no markings other than the usual label with the product details on/ There are the standard feet and two rubber feet to stop any movement when on your desk.

Like most keyboards, the GK601 has feet that fold out to raise the back end of the keyboard.

MSI have included a key cap puller and some additional key caps for the WASD cluster (see next image). The key caps are a translucent ABS, which is then painted black, cured with UV, then the legends are lasered on to them, so because of this, they are very thin.

MSI include some bright yellow key caps that can be used to replace the arrow or WASD clusters.

The GK601 features full backlight illuminations, which has adjustable brightness levels. Overall it is fairly bright and definitely looks the part

Let’s take a look at the software before we put it to the test.

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