Steelseries Rival 300 CS:GO Fade Special Edition Review


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Manufacturer: SteelSeries
Model: Rival 300
UK Price: £55.10 @Amazon (At the time of review)

US Price: $69.20 @Amazon (At the time of review)

Here I go again with another peripheral review with a Steelseries product, this time with one of their latest special edition products. Gaming mice are an important part of PC gaming, especially when it comes to DPI/CPI because in certain games it means life or death, especially Counter Strike: Global Offensive, the mouse this model is made for.

This particular mouse, the Rival 300, is a gaming mouse that offers 1:1 tracking and precise movements with customisable CPI from 50 CPI up to 6500 CPI. The particular model I have is the fade edition that is the Counter Strike: Global Offensive officially licensed mouse, it has a beautiful finish on the actual mouse that goes from a yellow tinge moving from a bright pink to a deep purple. There is also a nice little CS:GO bit of writing under the purple, and a CS:GO logo that is part of the illumination of the mouse too. The lighting on the mouse is in two separate zones one on the wheel and the other on the CS:GO logo and they can have two different colours too which is never bad. The colours are completely customisable with 16.8 million separate colours to change to!


Things like CPI, acceleration, cable length and customisation are important parts of a mouse that decide whether people want it or not. I believe with gamers the most important is the CPI, 6500 CPI is a lot to deal with, and handles perfectly for me, and the fact you can drop it down to exactly what you want down to a single pixel like say 1455 or something specific. Cable length is perfect for gamers who have their PC sitting on the ground beside them, there is plenty length to reach up to your desk.


  • Material: Soft Touch Black, Glossy White, Matte Grey
  • Ergonomic, Right-Handed
  • Grip Style: Palm or Claw
  • Number of Buttons: 6
  • SteelSeries Switches: Rated for 30 Million Clicks
  • Weight: 130 g, 0.287 lbs
  • Height: 133 mm, 5.23 in
  • Width: 70 mm, 2.76 in
  • Cable Length: 2 m, 6.5 ft


  • Sensor Name: Pixart PMW3310
  • Sensor Type: Optical
  • CPI: Increments from 1 to 6500
  • IPS: 200
  • Acceleration: 50 gs
  • Polling Rate: 1 ms
  • Zero Hardware Acceleration
  • Tracking Accuracy: 1:1


  • Gamesense Support
  • SteelSeries Engine Support: SSE3
  • Multiple CPI Options
  • Programmable Buttons
  • Onboard Profile Settings
  • Acceleration Customization
  • Deceleration Customization
  • Color Options: 16.8 Million
  • Printable 3-D Nameplate


  • Rival 300
  • Quick Start Guide


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