AeroCool Strike-X Cube Case Review 2

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AeroCool was established in 2001 and at the time their focus was on thermal management for both industrial and personal use. With all of their success in the thermal market AeroCool decided to expand their range of products they offer and now also manufacture computer cases, fans control panels, power supplies and more. AeroCool’s products are heavily focused on and aimed at gamers, which we all know is a highly crowded market but AeroCool seem to be doing just fine and plan to keep innovating and delivering all around great experience for gamer’s across the globe. While it surely does sound like a tall order to live up to, AeroCool seems to be doing just fine with no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Today I am taking a look at something from their case line-up, the Strike-X Cube case. The Strike-X Cube is designed to and looks very similar to that of the normal Strike-X as the name would suggest but it is aimed at users looking to build a rig around an m-ATX motherboard and of course is a cube case. The Strike-X cube comes with a 200mm intake fan in the front and can accommodate dual 240mm or 280mm radiators for water cooling. The chassis is designed with strength and durability in mind and as such has a unique sidebar to help ensure that it will not fold under pressure. While the Strike-X may be designed for m-ATX motherboards it can still handle a full-size PSU and a graphics card up to 320mm in length or up to 345mm if you removed the front intake fan.

Before we take a look at the specifications, let’s watch a quick unboxing video I did for the AeroCool Strike-X Cube Case. 


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