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The inside of the case of the case is nice and spacious and as mentioned the front can accommodate a number of fan or radiator configurations including one 20cm, two 12cm or two 14cm fans or a 12/24/28cm radiator.

AeroCool Strike X Cube Interior front fan AeroCool Strike X Cube Interior front fan_1

The horizontal motherboard tray leaves plenty of room for cable management and to make sure all the components you want to install will fit inside the case, it comes with the motherboard mounts pre-installed and has a couple of holes with grommets inserted to help with cable management. Also, if need be the motherboard tray is removable to allow for easier installation of the motherboard onto it.

AeroCool Strike X Cube Interior rear

The top of the case features the same support for fans or radiators as the front, giving users plenty of cooling options is a must these days especially  when considering water cooling as not only will they need room for radiators, they will also need to put a reservoir and pump somewhere inside the case as well in most instances.

AeroCool Strike X Cube Interior Top

The hard drive case is removable and features three trays that can take both 3.5″ and 2.5″ hard drives depending on the individual users needs. One thing to note is that the trays can be a bit of a pain to get out with the cage installed but not impossible.

AeroCool Strike X Cube Interior HDD Bays AeroCool Strike X Cube interior hdd cages

On the opposite side from the hard drive cage is where the power supply will go and there is a pair of rubber pads in place to help keep vibration to a minimum. With most PSU’s installed there will still be a nice amount of room towards the front of the case that will allow users to go ahead and install pumps, reservoirs or whatever it is the deem necessary.

AeroCool Strike X Cube Interior HDD1

Speaking of the PSU, that vented area on the side panel we noticed earlier that will allow for PSU fan to get intake air also has a magnetic dust filter.

AeroCool Strike X Cube Interior side panel psu fan filter

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