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Taking a look at the front of the case and we can see the Strike-X emblem on the top with a single 5.25″ drive bay right below it. The main part of the front features a nice mesh design with a raised X  inside of it and a pair of LED vents to either side of the raised part. When everything is connected and the power is turned on the front intake fan has blue LED’s that light up the mesh and the side vents also have blue LED’s in them to offer a nice little light show on the front of the case.

AeroCool Strike X Cube Exterior front AeroCool Strike X Cube exterior front panel lights

Removing the front panel from the case will allow users to go ahead and remove the 200mm intake fan if they desire and replace it with a pair of smaller 120/140mm fans or even a 240/280mm radiator if they want to go down the water cooling route.

AeroCool Strike X Cube exterior front panel removed

The top of the case definitely has a unique design, among other things it features a mesh X and towards the front is where the front IO is located. The front IO consists of:

Power/Reset buttons
Fan controller
Two USB 3.0 ports
Audio jacks (mic/headphone)

AeroCool Strike X Cube Exterior top

The main side panel features a window on the top half of the case which will allow users to show off some of their builds on the inside. Depending on the components used you may not be able to view much more than the bottom of the graphics cards which is fine with me, companies spend time to make them look nice, it is about time we have cases that allow us to show off the bottom off the GPU.

AeroCool Strike X Cube Exterior Windowed side panel

On to the other side panel and it is mostly plain except for a smaller vented area in the bottom right corner. This area is where the PSU will grab its intake air from to help keep its internal components cool during those long gaming sessions.

AeroCool Strike X Cube Exterior back side panel

The back of the case features 2 separate spots for fan placement, one for a rear exhaust of the main components or you could install an AIO CPU cooler there as well. The bottom spot has a pre-installed exhaust fan that is behind the hard drives and will ultimately help make sure some of the heat that is created by the hard drives and wires from the PSU is exhausted out of the case instead of rising. We can also notice the two hole for water cooling and the cutout for the motherboard besides the four PCI expansion bays and also a cutout for the PSU.

AeroCool Strike X Cube Exterior back

The bottom of the case of course has four removable feet, we can also see the hand hole that will allow users to remove the front panel with ease as well as a couple of clips to help with cable management inside the case.

AeroCool Strike X Cube exterior feet

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