DEEPCOOL Steam Castle Review


[section_title title=Packaging]Packaging

Starting off with what I would consider to be the top of the box we have a nice image of the top of the Steam Castle, as well as the DEEPCOOL logo in the upper left corner.

DEEPCOOL Steam Castle 1

On the back we have a bit better image of the case with it’s side panel off which also serves as a bit of a diagram, highlighting some of the features of the Steam Castle.

DEEPCOOL Steam Castle 3

Not a whole lot going on at the side, here we can see which colour we should have inside the box and a short list of specifications.

DEEPCOOL Steam Castle 2

Opening up the box we can see the Steam Castle is very well protected by foam padding so it does not get damaged in transit.

DEEPCOOL Steam Castle 4

Included with the Steam castle are a users guide, zipties and all the screws and fixings we should need to make sure we can get all our components installed inside the case.

DEEPCOOL Steam Castle 12



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