[section_title title=Closer Look – Exterior Cont.]Closer Look – Exterior Cont.

Once the front of the case is removed we can now get a glimpse at the included 200mm front intake fan. We can also see the 5.25″ bay cover and a smaller one right beneath.

DEEPCOOL Steam Castle 25

Those rubber feet on the bottom have a dual purpose. Not only do they stop the case from moving about, they also hide away a few screws needed to remove the bottom of the case.

DEEPCOOL Steam Castle 26

Once removing the bottom of the case users gain access to a couple more screws to help them remove some of the inner parts of the Steam Castle.

DEEPCOOL Steam Castle 27

The windowed side panels offers us a nice look at the graphics card and power supply. It is such a shame the LEDs from the top didn’t find there way into the case as well, that would have really set it all off rather nicely.

DEEPCOOL Steam Castle 33

As mentioned the top Punks have LEDs pre-installed. There are a total of 3 colours each of which has 2 settings giving users a total of 6 customization options. You can choose from green, red or blue and can either have them constantly on and use the dimmer switch for the desired brightness. Or, you can set them to have a breathing/glowing effect which is quite nice.

DEEPCOOL Steam Castle 34

DEEPCOOL Steam Castle 35

DEEPCOOL Steam Castle 36



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