[section_title title=Closer Look – Interior]Closer Look –¬†Interior

Taking a look at the inside of the case and the first thing we come across is the IO panel. What I like here is DEEPCOOL have made it rather easy to disconnect any unwanted wires from ports/buttons that will go unused.

DEEPCOOL Steam Castle 11

As mentioned the front is home to a pre-installed 200mm fan.

DEEPCOOL Steam Castle 14

There are 2 x 3.5″ bays that are easily accessible.

DEEPCOOL Steam Castle 15

The place for the power supply not only features a dust filter on the bottom but it also has rubber feet to set the power supply on to help reduce any unnecessary noise from vibration.

DEEPCOOL Steam Castle 16

Above the 200mm fan in the front are two different sized drive bays and we can also see the connectors for the ‘Punks’ LEDs. Also we can notice some holes so users can go ahead and install a couple of fans in the roof of the case to allow for better airflow.

DEEPCOOL Steam Castle 17

At the back of the case are 2 x holes for watercooling tubing, room for a 120/140mm fan (120mm included) and 4 expansion card bays. We can also see the cutout for the back of the motherboard

DEEPCOOL Steam Castle 20DEEPCOOL Steam Castle 23


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