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Manufacturer: Attitude One 
Model: Rapira Elite 
Price: £47-50 (59 Euros MSRP at time of review) 

Attitude One are a young company who first started business in 2011. Like all new companies in this industry they had a bit of a mountain to climb when it comes to growing a brand but they state that the team has the experience to produce products that speak for themselves and that this will help them spread naturally to those who seek top quality peripherals. They already have a pretty comprehensive range of peripherals with headsets, mice, keyboards, headphones, mouse pads and a few odd accessories.

These days when it comes to picking a gaming mouse we are all completely spoilt for choice in all areas so it is essential to make products that stand out from the crowd in both design and performance. The subject of today’s review is the Attitude One Rapira Elite, an ergonomic palm grip mouse with a stealthy design that packs the popular Avago 9800 laser sensor which allows it to have the crazy high 8200 DPI that all the kids want these days. High DPI does not a good mouse maketh though, so lets put it through the Play3r wringer and see what happens.

More about Attitude One: 

Attitude One was founded in USA in 2011.

With many years of experience from the computer and gaming business we decided to start Attitude One . Thanks to our knowledge and our connections in the industry, we can offer products and technologies that are always top of the line.

With our unique design and memorable product names our products spread throughout markets of the world.


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