[section_title title=Closer Look – Interior Cont.]Closer Look –¬†Interior Cont.

The motherboard tray has a couple of cutouts for cable management and a nice cutout where the backplate of the CPU cooler will rest.

DEEPCOOL Steam Castle 21

As well as the room for 2 x 3.5″ hard drive we also have room for a pair of 2.5″ SSDs or hard drives.

DEEPCOOL Steam Castle 22

As mentioned the hard drive cages can be removed. In order to do this you will need to remove the rubber feet on the bottom, undo the screws and take the whole bottom plastics off. You will then need to locate the desired screws on the bottom of the case depending on which hard drive cage you would like to remove.

DEEPCOOL Steam Castle 28

DEEPCOOL Steam Castle 29

Installation was as easy as one could hope for when building in a case designed for M-ATX and M-ITX boards. Other than having to remove the bottom drive bay from the front of the case so my ASUS GTX 770 could fit, nothing else was in the way. While there was a bit of a learning curve it wasn’t all that bad and if you had to go back a step or two to redo something else, it wasn’t all that much effort.

The one thing to mention is to install the Corsair H80i as pictured, I installed it with both fans in place of the back exhaust fan then I actually installed the pump/block onto the motherboard with the motherboard out of the case. While I would not recommend doing this, it is what was easiest for me at the time as trying to install the cooler onto the motherboard when the motherboard was screwed into place and the cooler was outside of the case seemed like it would be quite the pain.

DEEPCOOL Steam Castle 30

While there are a couple of cutouts to help you route cables there really isn’t a whole lot of room to store them anywhere. However there should be just enough room as you can see to tuck them behind the PSU and in front of the 2.5″ hard drive bay,

DEEPCOOL Steam Castle 31

As you can see it looked very cramped with cables in the back but it is all worth it when looking from the front. Everything looks nice and clean and this is a great way to show off some of your hardware.

DEEPCOOL Steam Castle 32



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