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Taking a look back at the design and it is definitely a unique one to say the least, you either like it or you don’t seems to be the general opinion. I for one cannot touch on the fact it was designed to resemble something related to steam punk, though I do like design of the case. The fact it also comes in different colours is always a plus from me as too many times consumers are left with the boring old black,grey or now even white cases. DEEPCOOL has added what I would have called towers but are referred to as ‘Punks’ in this case with some nice LEDs pre-installed. The only let down I had was the fact that the ‘Punks’ did not come with fans installed, I really think this would have set very well with most users and would have helped to pull the whole case together.

The design of the inside of the case is on point. There are removable hard drive cages and drive bays to make sure you have ample room for whatever you may need to fit inside. The motherboard tray also has cutouts to help users be able to manage there cables better and get them tucked out of the way. The inclusion of a front 200mm intake fan is a nice touch as that is a very good way to help ensure air is moving through the case swiftly without causing any noise disturbances.

When taking a look at the thermal performance of the case it didn’t fair as well as some of those before it. While the Steam Castle may have been towards the hotter side of our benchmark results it was still well within accepted temperatures and managed to keep an overclocked i7 4770K to under 50c, even at full load. I feel this is a decent result given the type of case it is and really feel the inclusion of the front 200mm helps a lot, had DEEPCOOL gone with maybe just a 140mm the temperatures would of been quite a bit higher.

The price which is just over $105 may seem a bit much to some but you have to remember what you are getting. With the Steam Castle you are getting a uniquely designed case that has some great features and offers good performance. The Steam Castle offers you the chance to show of your hardware in a steam punk styled case. You get what you pay for and in the case of DEEPCOOL’s Steam Castle you are getting a case designed like no other, well at least not any other I have seen before.

When considering what you get, and what it was designed for, the Steam Castle offers a unique approach to the modern PC case. If you are looking for something a bit different and have no problems paying a little extra for it the Steam Castle may have just what you are looking for. With not many cases being designed similar, if any at all you will definitely add a nice addition to any room and it is sure to grab the attention of anyone who may see it.

I would like to thank DEEPCOOL for sending the Steam Castle in for review and look forward to seeing more from them in the future.

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



-Unique design
-Included 200mm fan
– Easily customized
– Removable bays and hard drive cages
– Low noise
– Support for extra fans in the top


– Not a whole lot of room to tuck cables out of the way, especially if using multiple GPUs or HDDs
– No handles on side panels

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