Xigmatek Nebula C Case Review


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Closer Look: Exterior

On the exterior of the product there really isn’t much to talk about, we’ve got these gorgeous white panels made from plastic which don’t actually feel or look cheap like you would expect plastic to be. On the right- hand side of the case, you can find an IO port with two USB3.0 ports and a 3.5mm for headphones, and also a microphone jack. On the top of the case is the power button, which, of course, features LEDS to make it obvious when the computer is on, again nothing really striking in terms of talking about.



The main talking point of this case in my opinion would actually be the small orange corner which breaks down the¬†monotony of cases that are square and boring, much like the older SG05’s and even some newer Lian Li cases. Whilst a symmetrically perfect case isn’t a bad thing, I do like when a company adds to the value of their product range with interesting design and making their brand recognisable with innovation.

neb-c-2 neb-c-1

I actually prefer this design over the previous Nebula which featured metal panels, and an incredibly unattractive pedestal. So I much prefer the slick white plastic case that actually looks at home whatever desk you put it on. And if you’re like me and own a white desk it looks so cool in comparison to some products. I would say my only real comment is the big change in materials still doesn’t reflect in the price and I would want to see it lowered based simply on that fact.

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