be quiet! Shadow Rock Slim Review


[section_title title=”Installation”]Installation

Installation was a breeze this time around. As I had previously reviewed the Dark Rock Pro 3 I knew a bit better how to handle a be quiet! installation.

First you will want to get your brackets ready. For the purpose of this review I used the Intel brackets as I need it to fit a LGA 1150 socket. As you can see by the bottom bracket there is a nut and a small bolt, push the bolt through the corresponding hole and then tighten it down with the nut. Please make sure you have the bracket the right way around as there is a wrong way to do it even if you use the right hole.


Once you have put the nuts and bolts into the correct holes on the brackets you would need to attach them to the Shadow Rock Slim via four small screws, two per side.


Now that the Shadow Rock Slim is set and ready to be installed we need to get the backplate into place. First find the correct screws and again push them through the back of the backplate remembering to keep in line with the corresponding holes for your socket type.


After you put the screws through the backplate you can put it through the back of the motherboard. Once the screws are through use the small round plastic pieces to attach to the screws to keep the backplate in place.


Once that is done you are now ready to set the Shadow Rock Slip atop the mounting screws and then tighten the screws from the back of the motherboard.



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