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Now we will conclude our time using the Xornet II by CM Storm with testing to supply you with a reliable and honest conclusion of our experiences.

To start with, what we have here is a high-quality, affordable gaming mouse that offers a fair few customising options to better the user’s experience. For the price, there are a few other alternatives that may take your fancy if you wish to be brand specific but nonetheless, this mouse offers up some serious competition.

Performance is great, working well on a variety of surfaces with no issues at all as well as steady grounds for stable DPI plotting. Additional settings ensure that when the mouse is set, it can be done with great accuracy to ensure your time using the Xornet II is perfect for all you claw grip users out there. This offers itself as a great addition to anyone wanting a mouse of this caliber that isn’t too expensive and is very flexible. DPI and additional changes can be made in software so as soon as you press the apply button, your changes have been made and you are a step closer to making the Xornet II your mouse of choice.


The Xornet II is a very compact mouse, due to it being designed specifically for claw grip users, but this doesn’t take away from the aesthetics and general looks of this little beauty. Rubber grips are in place to offer support and additional grip, but also makes the mouse look great by breaking up the solid matt black finish. The curves of the mouse, again designed to cater for claw grip users, are very well angled and comfortable in the hand. This also ties in with the general comfort of the mouse. Comfort is perhaps one of the most important things when it comes to picking the right mouse, and Cooler Master has done well to offer a suitable and usable platform with the Xornet II to ensure the hard work your hands go through while gaming is less strenuous. Combining comfort with good grip and an ergonomic design, the Xornet II sits extremely well in the hand for those of you who sport a claw grip.

Generally, mice need a combination of most of the above so we will now go on to evaluating the mouse as a whole. Some people may fixate on one of these whereas others, all, but a fair conclusion needs to take all of these points into consideration and that is what we will do. So, let’s get started.

We are happy to say that the Xornet II is a high quality gaming mouse that has really gone through serious design time to develop something as good as this. It is built to last, for a good price, Cooler Master have not cut any corners to cheap out on production. It performs well, with a nice selection of custom options at hand to make the mouse your own. If used with a good quality gaming surface it will glide while in use. With a good 30 hours of hard use under my belt with this mouse, not once has it caused me a problem or to miss a shot as let us face it, it is a gaming mouse after all! We highly recommend the Xornet II as an upgrade to your current mouse, providing perfection on all levels.

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Fantastic Value for Money
– Great performance
– Looks and feels great
– Plug and Play capabilities with any OS


– Limited market to claw grip users
– More DPI profiles would be a nice addition

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