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The Shine 3 TKL has a plethora of different lighting options, many of which are unique to the Shine 3 range. Unfortunately I lack a video camera to record the different abilities, although there are many demonstrations on YouTube. This particular model has orange LEDs, which can be seen below. This is the first of the different lighting options.


Another lighting option is the new snake ability. The portion of the keys light up on the top row and then proceed to “snake” their way down the keyboard – a simple yet nice little lighting option to have (although personally I don’t really think it’s necessary).



The Shine 3 also features 2x RGB LEDs in the space bar which can be customised using the Ins (red), Home (gree) and PgUp (blue) keys to change the various levels. You can also see the alternative space bar below, which features the Ducky logo as opposed to the snake. The key cap is easy to replace as it uses Cherry stabilisers, so no metal bar to worry about unclipping (or breaking in my case!).



Since orange is the colour of choice for Play3r I set the space bar to orange, although first I had to reset it by pressing the Fn and Esc key.



The Shine 3 TKL has the following lighting options – most of which I was unable to capture with my camera:

  • 100% Illumination
  • Breathing – slowly pulses in and out
  • Wave Marquee – 100% illumination with slight ripples across the whole board – my favourite of the different lighting options
  • Snake Marquee
  • Reactive Mode (Fade Effect)
  • Ripple Mode
  • Aurora Mode
  • All LEDs off.

As you can see there is a range of different lighting options, most of which are unique to this Ducky keyboard range, although many are just gimmicks, it’s nice to have full control over the LED lighting.

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