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Ducky have long been associated with top-notch performance and build quality and in this case, the Shine 3 TKL is no exception. I have loved using the keyboard for both gaming and typing, with the latter now becoming something I look forward to doing using this keyboard. The size is very convenient if you are limited to desk space and would make a good choice for a portable LAN keyboard if you don’t mind the weight so much. The lighting effects, I would say, are the major focus of the Shine 3 range and with plenty to choose from, the customisation options are almost endless. Sure they could be seen as just a gimmick, but a lot of thought has gone in to providing the user with numerous lighting options. Just like the Shine 2 range, the performance up with the best  and with NKRO makes for a perfect keyboard whether you are a gamer or a typist. I like the simple, no frills design as opposed to some others we have seen of late like the CM Storm MECH.

It would have been nice to see a braided cable with the keyboard, especially at a whopping £109, which is certainly a big hit to the wallet considering a similar keyboard of the same size, from CM Storm, is almost half the price (minus the LEDs). The key caps have a slight gloss to them so they will easily be marked with grease and finger prints – so they will require intermittent cleaning!

Overall I have been nothing but impressed with the Shine 3 TKL – sure it has a hefty price tag, but it has a plethora of features packed in to such a small keyboard, from many lighting options, ability to swap various functions of keys around to changing the speed/delay of key presses. The Shine 3 TKL range is also of a impressive size, with ~ 8 different LED colours, available in the four main Cherry MX switch flavours to suit every user. So, if you’re in the market for a top-of-the-line compact keyboard, with a range of customisable options, then the Ducky Shine 3 TKL (DK9087) is the keyboard for you. So without further delay, I am pleased to award Ducky with yet another Editor’s choice award for another perfect keyboard.

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value


Simple design, feature packed and highly customisable, however it comes at a high cost!

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