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In the past Ducky keyboards have provided us with exceptional performance so I have high hopes for this model, although essentially the guts haven’t changed much, I’ll still put it through the usual tests.


First up are the gaming tests; FPS, MOBA and RTS. For the former, the keyboard was superb to use. Although the choice of switches is subjective to the user, Cherry Browns are my preferred switch, so it’s no surprise I’m finding the performance to be exceptional. By increasing the repeat rate I could actually increase the reaction speed and reduce the delay from pressing each key, which resulting a slightly faster reaction time – always a bonus when playing games like CS:GO and Battlefield 4. What I did notice the most was the lack of macro keys for MOBA and RTS, although this could be because I am used to them with my previous keyboard. I won’t list this as a negative, but if you’re a hardcore RTS or MOBA gamer and are looking for some macro keys, I wouldn’t consider this particular keyboard.


Mechanical switches are subjective to the user, some prefer the heavier feel to the black switches, as opposed to the lighter actuation force required by red, blue and brown switches. Typically the brown switches that are found in this particular version of the Shine 3 TKL are associated with those that both game and type a fair bit, which in this case, I found to be very appropriate. Typing out this review on this keyboard with brown switches has been very pleasant and for general use in PhotoShop, browsing the web etc. it has been a breeze to use – that said, if you were more of a programmer, it might be worth considering the full sized version of the Shine 3 as I did find at times that I needed to use the numpad.


Again subjective to the user, I found this keyboard to be relatively comfortable. The brown switches don’t require as much force as some of the other switches, so I haven’t experienced any strain in my fingers, which I typically get with black switches. I did find I needed to increase the angle at the back of the keyboard as I find it easier to type, however I would look at getting a wrist-rest for prolonged used.

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