Logitech G Extreme Stress Testing


[section_title title=Logitech G19s Testing]Logitech G19s Testing

The Logitech G19s is a sublime example of a membrane gaming keyboard, which features a lovely LCD screen which is customisable via the app and comes in at a hefty price of £170.  Not only is it one of Logitech’s most elite gaming products, but also one of the most talked about.

With the G19s being made mainly from plastic, is it durable for a £170 keyboard; quite an investment I would say!  So what are the tests for the G19s might you ask?  Well these are a lot more “extreme” than the mouse testing as I have chosen to directly test if the G19s can handle multiple rage fits; something synonymous with gaming.

The 3 tests are as follows:

–          Throwing the keyboard

–          Raging out on the keyboard

–          Being assaulted by the keyboard

Throwing the Keyboard


The G19s worked perfectly afterwards, despite having hit a solid wall (chimney breast) and then onto a hard wooden floor, it actually survived mark free too!  No keys were damaged in the filming of the video!  A resounding pass….

Face Planting the Keyboard


Although face planting on the G19s keyboard did hurt a little, the keyboard remained intact; I have to admit I could have hit it harder, I didn’t want a concussion!  Please note throughout each of these videos, there was about 3-5 takes of each one meaning it survived multiple attacks.  Another solid pass here!

Being Assaulted by the Keyboard


Don’t laugh, the cable flicked up and caught me right in the eye; my eye was red for hours after and I wouldn’t recommend anyone let themselves be attacked by a G19s keyboard, it might be plastic but it does have a little bit of weight to it!  The G19s keyboard remained intact and operational; please note, this was done in 1 take, I don’t usually let people slam stuff in my face!


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