Logitech G Extreme Stress Testing


[section_title title=Conclusion]Conclusion

Here is the final video combining all 3 tests into 1 with a small conclusion at the end!


As you can clearly see by the testing, the verdict on the durability of the 3 Logitech products is clear, they can take some serious punishment but before you attempt any of this yourself, please note that accidental damage will void any Logitech warranty so do remember that before you attack someone with your brand new Logitech keyboard!

I had some fun with the G602, G430 and G19s combined and I would like to thank Logitech for allowing me to abuse some of their best products currently on offer.  I hope everyone who read/watched had as much fun as I did making it and although it was a bit time consuming, it was totally worth it!

I do apologise about not being able to abuse them with food but my strict diet is needed for my training regime but to make up for it, we will be running a competition very soon with the 3 products used today, so follow us on Facebook for further announcements!

Thanks for reading/watching and if you are interested in seeing more articles like this, please leave a comment below!


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