Jazooli Sound Reverb Bluetooth Speaker Review


[section_title title=”Conclusion”] Conclusion

On the back of tall claims from the manufacturer, this speaker certainly looks good on paper, but does it live up to its own hype?

Starting off with aesthetics, to my tastes I’m struggling to fault this speaker. The design is simple and clean, the smooth lines of the enclosure are easy on the eyes and the brushed aluminium finish really does look superb. The spun aluminium buttons are a very nice touch in a world where we seem to be getting bombarded by plastic and the faux leather handle strikes an ideal balance between form and function.

Moving onto the performance, I have been pleasantly surprised by this speaker. Considering the size, (and that is a large consideration for obvious acoustical reasons) the audio quality is very good. The sound produced is very neutral and lends itself well to a wide variety of genres, meaning the vast majority should be very happy with their listening experience. If I had to make one complaint about the sound it would be that at maximum volume the highs start to outstrip the rest of the spectrum to the point of making you want to turn it down a bit.

Onto the features and the Reverb does not disappoint.  First off, the range met the impressive manufacturer claims and then smashed them, no issues there then. Next up the hands free functionality was flawless, and even though I don’t consider it a selling point personally, the fact that it is not only implemented; but implemented well is certainly a value add for the device. Finally, Jazooli made impressive claims with the battery, but more impressive was that it lasted twice as long as they claimed! Nothing here feels like an afterthought; it is a highly polished package.

In conclusion, the impressive specs on paper translate into a product that not only met my expectations, but comfortably exceeded them. It’s hard to find much to criticise here, the  Jazooli Reverb deservedly claims both a Gold Award and a Design Award.




A big thanks to Jazooli for sending us today’s sample and I hope to see more from them in the future!





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