[section_title title=”Battery Life”] Battery Life

Luxa 2 claim a battery life of up to 8 hours for the 360 which is reasonable given the small form factor, the 1050mAh battery also charges pretty quick; taking around 150 minutes from 0-100% which is good if you forget to charge it and want to get as much in there as quick as you can.

I fully discharged the battery a couple of times on the 360 and I got an average of 6 and a half hours of battery life out of it. Now that is with it playing at a loud volume the vast majority of the time so if you were to use a mix of low, medium and high volumes in your usage I don’t doubt that you could get 8 hours of playback out of it.

A feature that would be nice on the 360 is some kind of auto power off as the device doesn’t appear to turn itself off even when nothing is being played on it. So if you forget to turn it off, as we all do, you might often go to use it and have a dead battery.

Overall though I’ve got no complaints about the battery life on the 360; its more than good enough for such a small device.


Lets now wrap things up with a conclusion…


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